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Legacy Hospitality Academy provides professional, comprehensive hospitality training and certification at a fraction of the cost of traditional college courses. Most importantly, several courses & certifications are in areas of training generally neglected by traditional schools and they stress practical knowledge (that you will use every day) over boring theory.

Though we are not a regionally accredited college, most of our course certifications are recognized by employers and/or governments around the world...and much of our teaching material is identical to that which is used by hundreds of colleges & universities worldwide.

In addition, we have devised the means for our students to receive a Baccalaureate Equivalent Diploma (BcE) or a full Bachelor's Degree at a fraction of the cost of a traditional 4-year college. We invite you to read on for more information. Subject concentrations and certifications are listed below Click above for General Info about our courses & policies; or to read more about certification.

To learn more about the individual courses, fees, venues and how to register, click one of the course concentration tabs above. We look forward to providing you with the right knowledge & training to advance your career or property success to the highest level.

Subject Concentrations - Certifications:


>Assistant (Line) Cook/Chef de Partie; Legacy Hospitality Academy (LHA) Certificate

>Advanced Culinary; Confederation of Hospitality & Tourism (CTH) Certification

>F&B Server; LHA Certificate

>Restaurant &/or Bar Management/Bartender (& mixology) AHLEI, ManageFirst &/or LHA Cert.

>Food Handlers/F&B Managers: ServSafe Certification***, National Restaurant Association

     ***Mandatory component of all F&B courses of study


>Front Desk Repr***; American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) Certification

>General Customer &/or Concierge Service; AHLEI Certification
>Basic English for Public Hotel Staff: LHA Certification
  ***Includes Night Auditing & Supervisory Functions***


>Rooms & General Laundry & Linens; Safety & Procedures; LHA & International
  Executive Housekeeper's Association (IEHA Frontline) Certification


>Mgt Training Course for Independent hotels & Hosp. Supervisor Cert; AHA &/or LHA Certificate(s)

>Diploma Program in Hotel Mgt; CTH Diplomas &:/or Baccalaureate Equivalent

>Hotel Rehab Planning & Execution***; AHLEI & LHA Certificate

   ***Includes study of "greening" & hi-tech upgrade options & design considerations


>Managerial Accounting/Budgeting &/or Revenue Management; AHLEI Certification

>Hospitality Analysis & Finance for Acquisitions/Repositioning; LHA Certification

>Marketing, E-Commerce & Convention/Events Management; AHLEI Certification

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